Professional, private investment management services to build, manage, and protect your wealth.


Crafting individual portfolios to match unique objectives

“Nigel Roberts is one of the most able, most perceptive portfolio managers with whom I have dealt in more than two decades of writing Family Finance for the Financial Post and other publications.

Nigel has the full tool bag of a Chartered Financial Analyst, the wisdom that comes with the experience managing financial assets and the good sense and modesty not to take needless risks at his clients’ expense. As an analyst and as a discretionary asset manager, he is both expert and diligent — a combination seldom found in the rush of financial markets. And his location far from those markets gives him a perspective that is, in fact, rare on Bay Street.”
— Andrew Allentuck, Family Finance columnist, The Financial Post

Peace of Mind

“One of the biggest things I appreciate about your service is that I don’t have to fret about any of the day-to-day investment decisions. When I was with large investment firms I found that people were calling me constantly to make decisions regarding my portfolio.”
— L and R, N. (clients since 2006)

Proven Expertise

“When clients ask me to refer them to someone to manage their money, Nigel is always someone I consider for the short list of choices I provide. He and I have worked in concert for dozens of families for over ten years now, and I can say that his knowledge base, credentials, character and integrity are well suited for the role.”
— Derek Moran, R.F.P., Smarter Financial Planning

Long Term, Trusted Partner

“Thanks very much Nigel. I really appreciate the feedback. We are very confident we have our investments in the hands of the best person for us.”
—  Bruce and Monica V. (clients since 2006)


“You are giving me wise counsel with the greatest of patience. Please know it is so useful to me and I rely on your knowledge and experience… And I wonder if I have mentioned lately that you take such good care of me and I truly appreciate it, thank you.”
— V.L. (client since 2006)

Guidance with financial decisions beyond investments

“Thank you so much for your recent advice with the house finances and discussions with Joy. We realize that this is above and beyond what we pay you for and this work is so helpful to us.”
— Dr‘s R and M (clients since 2004)

Success in reaching milestones

“I think you’re doing an excellent job and I really appreciate it. My portfolio hit an important milestone yesterday.”
— B.C. (client since 2009)