Professional, private investment management services to build, manage, and protect your wealth.


Professional portfolio management.
Reliable, independent expertise.
Personalized service.

Bluenose Investment Management Inc. offers discretionary portfolio management services to private clients. We work with each of our clients to develop and implement a personalized investment strategy that is designed to meet their financial goals. We work with clients across Canada from our office located in Lake Country near Kelowna, BC.

Why us?
Our clients have peace of mind through the confidence we instill in them that their investment portfolio is being managed with care and thought. Each client’s portfolio is guided by a plan and process that is based on our extensive investment experience and is implemented by a disciplined professional. As an independent firm Bluenose is not affiliated nor owned by any company so our clients can be assured that there is no conflict of interest or bias when selecting investments for their portfolio.

Where to begin?
It starts with a conversation—contact us. We welcome the opportunity to share our philosophy and expertise with you and demonstrate how Bluenose can assist you in reaching your investment goals.