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We hope that our written communication will give you a deeper understanding of various investment related topics as well as our approach to the investment process. In addition to our client only letters, we have also written, been quoted or collaborated in articles for a number of prominent media publications including the Financial Post, Globe and Mail, Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Sun, CGA Magazine, Investment Executive and the Okanagan Business Journal. Below is a selection our most popular articles.

Financial Post
Portfolio Facelift: Too much of a good thing
Portfolio Facelift: Nearing the finish line
Portfolio Facelift: A clean slate
Portfolio Facelift: Master planners?
The Jensens want a bigger house and a bigger family…
Portfolio Facelift:
Recovering Balance. Suzanne placed a wager on high-risk investments…

Globe and Mail
Portfolio Facelift: Couple must raise cash now, buy EFTs later

Okanagan Business Journal
Asset Allocation
Back to Basics Series: Bonds (part 1 of 2)
Back to Basics Series: Bonds (part 2 of 2)
On Track with Investor and Advisor Interests
Mental Accounting
Classifying Mutual Funds
Think Real Return
Beat Deferred Sales Charges