Professional, private investment management services to build, manage, and protect your wealth.


Fee Schedule

Our investment management fee is based on a percentage of the market value of your assets under management. Our fee schedule is as follows:

Assets Under ManagementAnnual Management Fee
On the first $500,0001.20%
On the next $500,0000.85%
On the next $1,000,0000.70%
On the next $1,000,0000.60%
On the next $1,000,0000.50%

We do not receive any commission for securities transactions, trailer fees or referral fees. Under this fee arrangement there is no incentive for Bluenose to generate transactions or favour investment products based on commissions. Bluenose is solely compensated for managing your portfolio in accordance with your investment strategy.

Fees Deductible on Income Tax
Our investment management fee may usually be claimed as a tax deduction when paid from a taxable (non-registered) account.