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Client Communication

Client Communication

We consider communication with our clients to be essential. We strive to ensure that our clients understand, and are comfortable with, how their portfolios are managed and have access to all the information they require. Communication with our clients includes:

Our custodian is responsible for preparing and mailing account statements, typically monthly, for all client accounts.

We have integrated an advanced portfolio management system into our operations that includes the ability to generate numerous reports for our clients. We prepare detailed reports for our clients including position, rate of return and activity. Customized reports are available to our clients as needed.

Facilitate Frequent Communication
We are always pleased to have contact with our clients and believe that regular two-way communication with our clients is essential to ensure that any investment related issues are dealt with promptly. A key part of our service is to be readily accessible and to respond promptly to inquiries. We encourage our clients to call us to discuss any questions related to their portfolio or other financial issues.

Initiate One-on-One Meetings with You
We like to meet with our clients in-person at a minimum annually to review portfolio structure, investment performance and their investment policy statement. 

Provide Direct Access to Your Portfolio Manager
As part of our personalized service, the person who is your main contact with Bluenose is also responsible for managing your investments. By having this direct contact you are able to get an immediate response and avoid the frustration, time delay and incomplete answer that often occurs when working through a third person.