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5. Is a discretionary money manager right for me?

A discretionary money manager is the preferred choice of money manager for many high net-worth private clients for many reasons:

  • Private clients who recognize that they don’t have the interest or expertise required to manage their portfolio are attracted to the service provided by discretionary money managers.
  • Many private clients choose a discretionary manager so they no longer have the stress and burden of having to make continuous, individual investment decisions. Discussions with the manager are focused on strategic issues rather than individual transactions.
  • Private clients also benefit from working with discretionary managers as these individuals, as fiduciaries, are required by securities regulations to have a high level of education and experience in the investment industry.
  • The after-tax cost of investment management is typically significantly lower than other providers who are charging high premiums for biased, non-personalized investment advice that is provided without the guidance of a long-term investment plan.

Please refer to our Investment Service Provider Comparison for reasons why a portfolio manager is the preferred choice for many private clients.